Exception classes#

django-registration provides two base exception classes to signal errors which occur during the signup or activation processes.

exception django_registration.exceptions.RegistrationError(message, code, params)[source]#

Base exception class for all exceptions raised in django-registration. No code in django-registration will raise this exception directly; it serves solely to provide a distinguishing parent class for other errors. Arguments passed when the exception is raised will be stored and exposed as attributes of the same names on the exception object:

  • message (str) – A human-readable error message.

  • code (str) – A short but unique identifier used by subclasses to distinguish different error conditions.

  • params (dict) – Arbitrary key-value data to associate with the error.

exception django_registration.exceptions.ActivationError(message, code, params)[source]#

Exception class to indicate errors during account activation. Subclass of RegistrationError and inherits its attributes.