Custom settings#

Although the choice of registration workflow does not necessarily require changes to your Django settings (as registration workflows are selected by including the appropriate URL patterns in your root URLconf), the built-in workflows of django-registration make use of several custom settings.


An int indicating how long (in days) after signup an account has in which to activate.

Used by:


A bool indicating whether registration of new accounts is currently permitted.

A default of True is assumed when this setting is not supplied, so specifying it is optional unless you want to temporarily close registration (in which case, set it to False).

Used by:

Third-party workflows wishing to use an alternate method of determining whether registration is allowed should subclass django_registration.views.RegistrationView (or a subclass of it from an existing workflow) and override registration_allowed().


A str used as an additional “salt” in the process of generating signed activation keys.

This setting is optional, and a default of "registration" will be used if not specified. The value of this setting does not need to be kept secret; see the note about this salt value and security for details.

Used by: